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How to make Natto

Natto is one of the most healthy foods,
especially very good for intestines.
It is not so difficult to make.
So,let's make natto yourself.



Soyabeans ........................ 100g
natto ............................. 5g


Keep soyabeans in the water for about 8 hours(1 night). Soyabeans become about twise bigger, twise heavier.(*1)



Prepair 1 cup water(200cc) in the pressure cooker, put soyabeans in the steamer into the pressure cooker, and steam 15 minutes. Take the pot off the fire, and wait for another 15 minutes untill pressure in the pressure cooker is gone. (*2)



You buy one natto from the shop,  and take some into soyabeans,  when they are still quite hot.(*3)


Natto-kin get increased when they touch the air, so cover alminuem with small holes which you can make by chopstick.



Heat up the oben for 10 minutes by 200 dgree, so that inside will be no virus.   Wait untill temparature become around 45 dgree.  Put soyabeans into the obun. Also you can put thermometer which can check until 100 degree beside. try to keep temparature between 37-42 degrees. (*4)


During the night you can put it on the warmbottle, rap with blanket, and keep in the oben.


It is around 42 dgree,  and switch is off.


I started at 7 in the evening, and this is next day at 9 pm.  Smells not so strong, nice mild smell, and taste is also not bad.  put it in the friedge for one day for 'after framentation',  which makes taste better.  First photo of this page is that one. You may find some smaller soyabeans, that is from the shop natto.(*5)


After 2 days this is the natto which we ate.  it was very good. Far out!! (*6)

(*1)It maybe good if you put soyabeans in the water in the night, so that you can start from the morning.  I did it in the morning, so that I started making natto in the night,  means in the begginning of framentation it was night time.  I was afraid of fire, so I rapped it with blankets on the warmrubber thingi, and keeped it until next morning.  But anyway taste was very good.

(*2)They say with ordinary pot takes 4-6 hours, which is too much time taking.  Also there is another way of boiling,  but I do not try yet.

(*3)If you have natto-kin, then put 0,1g for 500g soyabeans.  if you make with ready-made natto itself, then mix 20g natto with 20cc hot water, and pour this water on the steamed soyabeans.   These are the different ways,  but

I did easiest way, just mixed together, and taste was very nice.  Simple is right!l

(*4)If you have an oben, it is the best box.  otherwise some people doing with making a box with stiroll and put hot water petbottles inside,  or from the beggining with warmwater bag you can rap soyabeans with blankets, and put it in the bed or Kotatsu(Japanse heating system) etc. you can find your own way according where you live.

(*5)This photo is a little bit too dark, I will get better one next time.
* This time I made 500g soyabeans with natto-kin(2005.6.13). Photo,left.

(*6)We ate this natto with grated radish, which is our favourate.  I felt this natto was the best natto I ever ate uptonow. The tast as well as smell was very mild and excellent.  i was touched. What was different is only i used BIO soyabeans, and it took a lot of work and taking care, but if it gives me such a excellent natto, it worth to do so. Try it.