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How to make Seitan
-from 'wholewheat flour'-


If you make Seitan from wheat itself, it is fresh and strong. Since it is hand-making, some skinpart of the wheat will remain, and this makes more natural and rich in taste.
Whole processure will be about 2-3 hours, and you will have quite sufficient amount of Seitan for the next days. You can keep it for 4-5days in the fridge, and if you want to keep it longer, then you can keep it in the deep frozen.

Wheat ................1 kg
Natural Salt ...................1 big spoon
Soyasauce ......................5 big spoons
Ginger .........................30g
Kombu .........................5cm*30cm


First, make flour by mill.



Mix salt in the flour.



Put about 800cc water in the ball, and make dough like bread making.



When you make it like this, cover the ball with rid, and wait about 1 hour(upto overnight). They say, during this time, gluten will be formulated.



After 1 hour, pour sufficient amount of water in the ball.



Start washing the dough. Water will become white as carbohydorate melt in the water. Change water 3-4 times and continue to wash untill only gluten remains.



This is gluten after washing carbodyrate away.



Gluten, skinpart of wheat, and water.



Make 5-6cm round shape, pushing from the both side and make it flat, so that water comes out. Leave it some time on the board, so that still water will come out more.



Put it in the boiling water. When it starts floating up towards the surface, Gluten(Seitan) is ready to be used for cooking. But like this raw gluten is not tasty at all, so that usually they are cooked in some broth.



I cooked it in the soyasauce broth with ginger and konbu, which is Makrobiotik way of Seitan making. You can try in many different sauce which brings different flavours. Today I made 650g Seitan out of 1kg wheat.


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