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# What is Seitan?

  Seitan is the different name of gluten(protein) made out of wheat.
Usually the name 'Seitan' is given to the cooked gluten.
So there exist hundreds of different flavours, and different names to the same kind of Seitan products.
It seemes like this field is not yet well-organized.
There are many different names from different origines.
In China it is called 'Mien Chin' or 'Buddha's Food', In Vietnam they call Seitan stuff as 'mock chickin','mock duck' etc.
In Japan George Ohsawa - founder of Macrobiotic - named this cooked wheat gluten as 'Seitan' in 1960's. This 'Seitan' is cooked in soysauce/ginger broth, while another name of Seitan is given as 'kofu' when it is steamed. And most spread form of wheat gluten in Japan is called 'Fu'. But these days some conpanies make protein products mixing with Wheat gluten and soyabean gluten, and they call it 'Gluten meat', and this name is actually more popular than the name 'Seitan' in the moment.
In the west this is called 'Wheatmeat', 'gluten roast' as well as 'Seitan', and developping more and more.




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