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How to make tofu/Soyamilk

It is not difficult at all.
Let's make tofu/soyamilk yourself



Soyabean 300g

Natural Nigari 10g


Keep soyabeans for about 8 hours(one night) in 6 cups water(1200cc), then soyabeans become 2 times bigger.(*1)


Mixing then for 2-3 minutes with Termomix machine, maybe you can devide them into 2-3 times.(*2)


This state is called 'Namago'.(*3)


Boil 8 cups water(1600cc) in the big pot(5-6l), and put Namago in it. Stir slowly with long wooden stuff not to get burned. When it boils, lots of bubbles come out, so put the pot out of fire onece, wait untill bubbles go away. Then again put the pot back to the fire, cook with small fire for about10 minutes.(*4)


Let Nigari melt into the lukewarm water.(*5)


Pour Go-juice into the cotton bag.  This photo left side shows, in the pot is Go-juice, in the cotton bag is Okara, and in the ball is Soyamilk.(*6)


In the end squeze it with something like long chopstick(saibashi),  it is quite hot, be careful. you may llike to use rubber glove.(*7)


Make this soyamilk 75-80 degree, so you need thermometer which can check upto 100 degree.(*8)


You can put Nigari water into the soyamilk, slowly, allover,  and after with wooden stick stir slowly quietly 2 or 3 times.  Let it be there, after 10 minutes it become solid.(*9)


Prepair this kind of tofu making box.(*10)


Put wet cotton cloth in the box.  take tofu out, and put it in the wooden box.


Cover tofu with upperpart of cotton cloth, put something heavy on top(600g-1kg).  Let it be for 10 minutes.(*11)


Take the wooden box into the water into the big ball or pot, and take off the cotton cloth. If you want to take bitterness of Nigari, leave it for 20 minutes in the water.  Finally 300g soyabeans became 550g tofu/tofu and 550g okara.(*12)


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How to make Zaru-Tofu


Actually 1-9 is the same process, the difference is useing zaru(It is a kind of strainer made by banboo) instead of wooden box.


Put cotton cloth on zaru, take tofu in it.


Rap with the same cotton cloth for 15 minutes, then it is called Zaru-Tofu.


because you do not put anything for pressure, zaru-Tofu is very soft and natural. Excellent!

(*1)Time for soking soyabeans is about 8 hours in summer, 15 hours in spring/autaum, 20 hours in winter.  if the kitchen is kind warm, it is enough if you soke it for one night.

(*2)When you use the mixing machine, devide it into 2-3 times according the power of the mixing machine. If namago is too sticky and difficult to mix, then add more water, but make less water for ④.

(*3)It is called also "Gojiru".

(*4)If the fire is not strong, then does not #65288;*4) boil,  and too strong, it burns.  In one second it will boil and bubbles will overflow, it is terrible, be careful.

(*5>Natural Nigari was used, and this time it was 10g. If there is more, then let them melt in the water and keep. Otherwise Nigari will be wet.  

(*6) Okara and Soyamilk can be used in many ways. I make Okara-burger with vegetables, and I use soyamilk to make musli and dessert instead of cowmilk.

(*7)usually Tof-makers sqeeze by the machine, but here I make it by my hand, so there must be much nutrisian in Okara.

(*8)You will put the water with nigari, so The temparature can be going down.

(*9)Actually I took this photo after, because I forgot to make in that moment.

(*10)I bought at 'Tokyu Hands' when I went to Japan.maybe you can make it yourself. It is 15cm*10cm*6.5cm inside scale.

(*11)Anything in your house can be all right.

If you do not mind the taste of Nigari, you do not need to put this in the water. Actually it is quite tasty.


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