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# How I start Seitan making.

  I started Macrobiotic about 30 years ago, when I started learning Yoga from Master Oki-Doshi in Japan.
In Oki Yoga Dojo, we used to eat one bowl of Miso soup as breakfast after the morning jogging, and a small portion of vegetarian food with brown rice as lunch, and one bowl of simple noodle soup as dinner.
First I was surprised because so small amount of food, I was young(around 25 years old), I did not want to finish this small meal so quickly, so naturally I ate it very slowly, chewing many many time.
And then I was surprised again, that taste of the food became more and more tasty, of natural sweetness... and after several days I was more surprised because I got so much energy everyday out of this small amount of food .
In the end, I fell in love with the taste of brown rice and simple Macrobiotic food.

I started cooking myself this Yoga Dojo style food in my house also, later I came to know this was Macrobiotic food.
I used lots of vegetable protain stuff instead of animal meat, and what was my most favourite was Seitan products as well as Soyabeans product.
In japan it was easy to get good quality of Seitan products, -they called it gulten meat- in various styles. I enjoyed it very much.

After 1980, I started more time living in India than in Japan. So almost I forgot about Seitan, because in India there was no seitan, but dal and chapati.
But Since I met one girl in India several years ago, and now we have new friend of one and half years old with us, slowly slowly I started living more time in Austria, because my girlfriend -now wife- my god!, is an Austrian.
So I started cooking good macrobiotic food again, but here it was difficult to get nice stuff, cheap.
Wheather it was disgusting taste or expensive, especially Seitan, I never came accross good Seitan of my taste.
So I started making many basic stuff last year, Seitan, Tofu, Pickles, Gomashio, Natto, Tahini...and finally Miso too.
And I found out much better, and people liked it.
So from this year, I will share my taste of Seitan with more people, who are intersted in taking vegetable protains.





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