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How to make Seitan
- From 'Gluten powder' -

  This page introduces how to make Seitan out of 'gluten powder'.
You can see this Seitan from gluten powder looks more white, while other one from 'wheat' is more brown. And this is more hard and chewy, because I think powder from the factory is much finer than powder from the mill. You can choose according to what you gonna make, and how you want to cook.


gluten powder........ 200g
Natural salt ........ 1 small spoon
Soysauce ........... 5 big spoons
Ginger ............ 30g
Konbu or some vegetables ......... some


Put salt into gluten powder, and mix it well.



Put 3 cups of water(600cc) into it, and mix it quickly well.



make hanburger-shape by hands, let as much as water out while you are making this shape. Size will become 2-3 imtes bigger after simmering in the broth.



Put soysauce and thin sliced ginger into 5 cups water, and simmer with seitan. You can put Konbu or/and vegetables to make more tasty. First simmer for 5 minutes with strong fire, and then cook for 30 minutes - 1 hour with small fire.



Seitan has already light soysauce taste, so you can use it in any cooking by cutting into proper size.



Today Majnu made Vienna-schnezel by Macrobiotic way, which is putting wholewheat flour onto Seitan, put it through watery flour, put bread cram on it, and deepfry it in the half-half portion of bio-sesami and bio-raps oil. Surprisinly my son,Tamilo(1 year old), liked it very much.


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