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# Philosophy of Macrobiotic.

The word 'Macrobiotoc' comes from Greek terminology.
'macro' means 'big','inclusive','unlimited'..., 'bio' means 'life', 'aliveness'...'biotic' means 'way of living', 'method of becoming young'.
This is a practical philosophy of becoming happy and being happy through Zen style eating method. It is based on the eastan traditional eating style, and be a base of your health and happiness.

Macrobiotic is not a 'Experiencial folk healing method', not a 'Mystical, religious, scientific, spiritual, momental healing method'. It is the teaching which has a history of 5000 years to 'get happiness' by becoming healthy first.
This philosopy is called 'Muso-Genri', Muso means 'Not two' and Genri means 'principle'. This is the oriental philosophy and healing method, which had understood the principle of unlimited Universe.
Theory is very simple. It is enough to understand only one principle, which is of 'IN' and 'YAN'. Once you understand this, you can use it for everyside of your daily life.....for the family, for the marriaged couple, even for the social and political matters.
Origin of 'Muso-Genri' started by 'I ching(Eki-Kyo)', which is the base of Chinese pyilosophys. Philosophy of 'IN' and 'YAN'.

'IN' is the power which moves towards outside of the universe, and 'YAN' is the same power which moves towards the center.
The phisical quality of 'IN' are 'spread', 'outside', 'space', upwards', 'violet', 'cold', 'light', 'water', 'karium'. And that of 'YAN' are 'gather', 'inside', 'time', 'downwards', 'red', 'heat', 'heavy', 'fire', 'Natrium'.
the biological quality of 'IN' are 'plant', 'vegetable', 'woman', 'cold season', 'female', 'sweet, sour, hot', 'Vitamin C', 'tropical area', 'things which grow in Sommer'. And that of 'YAN' are 'animal', 'grain', 'man', 'hot season', 'male', 'salty,bitter', 'Vitamin A, D, K', 'cold belt', 'things which grow in cold season'.
Click for the 'IN' 'YAN' chart in Matter.

Click for the 'IN' 'YAN' chart in Man.

'IN' and 'YAN' are the powers which are against each other, and at the same time complimentary to each other.

* The priciples of 'IN' and 'YAN' are as follows;

1. Everything are created by the power of 'IN' and 'YAN' which are continuously coming out of 'Unlimited' gathering and separating, and after a while again continuously going back to 'Unlimited'.
2. 'IN' attracts 'YAN', and 'YAN' attracts 'IN'.
3. 'IN' goes away from 'IN', 'YAN' goes away from 'YAN'.
4. When 'IN' goes extreme, it changes into 'YAN'. And when 'YAN' goes extreme, then it changes into 'IN'.
5. Nothing is neither absolute 'IN', nor absolute 'YAN'. Everything has some portions of both quality in it.
6. Nothing is absolutely neutral. Everything has more of either 'IN' or 'YAN'.

* Food chart of Macrobiotic is as follows; Click for the 'IN' 'YAN' chart of Foods.

Strong 'IN' going towards 'YAN' ..... 'white sugar', 'vinegar', 'brown sugar', 'alchole', 'oil', 'easte', 'honey', 'fruit', 'mushroom', 'nuts', 'vegetable', 'seaweed', 'grains', 'soysauce', 'miso', 'seafood', 'natural salt', 'meat', 'fertilized egg'.

* The color chart of 'IN' and 'YANG' are as follows;

'IN' Violet Blue Green White yellow Orange Red Black 'YAN'

* There are several enphasises in Macrobiotic.

1. Take natural food, no chemical processed food, no artificial colored food.
2. Basic food should be grains, like rice, wheat, hirse, buchwheat etc.
3. Do not take animal product much.
4. Take seasonal food in that season.
5. Take the food from your area. Do not take the food from far away countries, especially hot countries products.
6. Bite well, at least 50 times. When you are sick, 200 times each time.


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