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How to make Miso

My grandmother used to make Miso every year, but I was small, and had no interst about 'Miso' and 'How to make it'. Now I am trying to make without her help, because she is already gone, but through Internet, intresting.
Traditional food is almost always take a long time to be ready. Miso and Soysauce seem to be the biggest champions in this account. This will be ready after six months, getting really better after one year, People say. Amazing, isn't it. But real things always take time, I think when I forget about Miso, it will be ready with 'grace'(?).

Rice 'kouji'1,5kg
Natural salt500g


First, put the materials.


Keep soyabeans in enough water for overnihgt. And start making miso next morning.


Soyabeans will be twice biigger size at the morning. put them in the pressure cooker. Pour the water until it covers soyabeans. And put the small rid inside the pressurecooker so that skin of the soyabeans will not blockaged the hole of the pressure cooker. After getiing enough pressure, leave it for about 15-20 minutes, then take it out of the fire, and leave it until pressure become zero. Then soyabeans will be very soft so that it will break by the finger pressure.


During cooking soyabeans, separate Kome-kouji gently by hands, and mix them with natural salt. This is called 'shiokiri-kouji'. You can leave one handful of salt(30g), this will be used in the last stage.


Take soyabeans in the ball, clush them in the thermomix, or with with mash potato maker. You can keep water which will be used later.


This is soyabeans which is smashed


These are the smashed soyabeans, water in which soyabean were boiled, 'shiokiri-kouji' and salt.


Pouring the water, mix soyabeans and shokiri-kouji well. It will be easier if you can make little by little.


This is the starting point of 'Miso', a little salty taste but not bad.


Make balls somehow about size which you can hold by your both hands. And put them presisely from the bottom of the Miso making pot so that air will not come inside.


This is the pot which people make 'Sour kraut' in Europe.


Spread salt equally on the surface.


Cover with plastic sheet.


You can put some pressure(Omoshi) which is upto 20% of the total weight. This is 1,2kg.


Pouring the water around the edge, so that air does not go inside.


Cover the rid, and just 'Sitting silently doing nothing'. After a few months, you can open and mix themto make up-side-down. This is called 'Tenchi-kaeshi'. Always good, if you can wait until after summer, taste will become more excellent. Usually you will make miso with new harbest in the Autume, so it means it takes almost one year to eat. You may forget all about 'Miso' till then.

Materials・・・You can see two kinds of 'rice kouji' in the photo, because two of my friends sent them separately. Thank God! The bag written 'Shree' is Himalayan blach salt from India. Soyabeans are Bio product.

Pressure cooker・・・I used two pressure cooker at the same time. The one left side is stronger power so that became more soft than the other one. Finally it took about one and half hour, each two times of cooking soyabeans.

During cooking soyabeans・・If you cook soyabeans, it will take 4-5 hours. But if you make with pressure cooker, then it will be better you make it before. I was making during, then I forgot rubber thing in one pressure cooker, which make hotwater and steam flood, which made me in the catastrophe in the moment.

Mash potato maker・・・Other way is to smash by feet, by bottle, by suribachi & surikogi etc.

some pressure(Omoshi)・・・Some people say there is no need, you can try and check yourself.

around the edge・・・This photo is not so clear, but I am poring the water by the cup




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