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How to make Kofu

  This page introduces how to make Kofu(Seitan) out of 'Gluten powder'. Kofu is another form of Seitan, actually it is the same things. Normally it is called Seitan when it is cooked in the broth. And it is called kofu when the wheat gluten is steamed for sufficient long time. In Macrobiotic, Kofu is made by first steaming, and deep-fried, and finally cooked in the soyasauce/ginger broth. Kofu is more good for biting, since it is once deepfried.
Kofu(Seitan) needs a lot of work, since there are three steps, but surely it has an excelent taste.

Gluten powder.............. 200g
Natural salt ................ 1 small spoon
Wholewheat flour ....................20g

1 Put 1l water in the Thermomix machine, set 6 minutes, 90 degree and make the water hot.
2 Put gluten powder, flour and salt into the pot, and mix them well.
3 Put 3 cups of water(600cc), and mix them quickly. Gluten powder does not absorb more than certain quantity of water, so that some water will remain in the pot.
4 Put cloth in the form of wood without bottom or metal streiner, and pour gluten inside.
5 Cover the steamer with another cloth.


Steam it for 2 hours,  when there is no more water, put boiled water.


With Termomix machine, set time for 60 minutes first, and then second time when you set, put hot water inside.
8 Kofu will become 2-3 times bigger swollen, then take it out,and cut 5-6cm sqare and 1cm thickness.
9 Soak in soysauce or miso sauce for a while, then you can use it for the cooking.

Fried Kofu making

Steamed Kofu.......... 15-20 pieces
Sesami oil & Raps oil (5:5) ..........some

1 After steam, put them on the cloth, and take the liquid out of kofu.
2 Fry them untill they become nice brown colour.
3 If you like to use in your cooking like this , then put them in soysauce for about 15 minutes.

Aji-kofu making


Fried Kofu..........15-20 pieces
Soysauce .......... 5-6 big spoons
Water..........3 cups(600cc)
Ginger ..........30g

1 Put kombu (which were already used for the soup stock), water andSoysauce in the cooking pot. When it boils, put Fried-Kofu. Put sliced ginger on them, Put rid inside, and keep boiling them with small fire. When the water is gone, they are ready to use for your cooking.

Gluten powder......You can make gluten out of flour itself.
Natural Salt......I used Himalayan black salt here.
Thermomix...... is a super cooking machine, you can make rice, soup, Dough for the bread, Tahini, Making powder for any nutts etc.
But also you can make Kofu(Seitan) with nomal steamer.
Soak in soyasauce or miso sauce......It does not taste so good if you use it without getting taste from something(like soysauce).
Take the liquid out......If there is water inside of Kofu, then it will sprash in the oil. Watch out, it will be terrible.
Put them in Soysauce ...... If you use it for some boiling stuff, it will be all right, tasty. But If you use for frying cooking, it will be better if they are soaked in taste-maker like soysauce etc.
They are ready ...... When there is much water, Kofu become more soft. but it will take more time. Like this much water, then 30 minutes will do. If yo make pickles with these kombu, ginger and other vegetables, it will be excellent pickles.

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