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# History of Macrobiotic.

Origin of Macrobiotic started around 1900 by Sagen Ishizuka in Japan. He said that Man's basic food is the grain, and side dish is vegetables.
George Ohsawa, Yukikazu Sakurazawa, joined this group called "Shokuyou-kai", and later started his own group called "Muso-genri institute" near the lake Biwa.
Those days there was a man called kenzou Niki, whose "group of brownrice" has more pwerful movement until Niki died.
1940, George Ohswa went to Paris with his teachings of "Muso-genri", published one book called "Muso-genri, Philosophy and science of East" in France.
1955, he went to Europ and spread "Seishoku", and many reataurant, food shop, Macrobiotic food factory started established.
1960th, this "Seishoku" movement called now "Macrobiotic" spread all over the world.
The word "Macrobiotic" comes from Freanch word "Macrobiotique", and now even in Japan the word "Macrobiotic" is used instead of "Shokuyou","Seishoku","Shinseikatsu" of old term.
The word "Macrobiotic" comes from Greek "macrobiotos", which means long life.



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