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# George Ohsawa
- Founder of Macrobiotic -

Signiture of George Ohsawa
1893 - 1966<



Working at his office in Tokyo.
George Ohsawa -Yukikazu Sakurazawa- was born in Kyoto in 1893.
he was suffering by many illness when he was a child. He was not a healthy boy.
In 1913, he started 'Shokuyou(Macrobiotic)' of Sagen Ishizuka of those days, and he became healthy.
He worked at the inport-export company in Kobe, and continued this Shokuyou movement.
In 1924, he became a pregident of 'Shokuyou-kai', and did a lof lectures, writings as well as taking care of people.
He travelled without money to Paris, and leaned in Sorvonnu university, writing books to intrduce oriental cultures in French.
He came back to Japan each year, and spoke to the people that it was stupid for Japan to become enemy againt whole world.
In 1937, His new book, 'New Shokuyou-Heal ilness by only Food-' became a goodseller, and made 300 editions in a short time.
During the world War second, he got a harassment from Army for the peace movement.
And after the war, As a part of 'real Life movement','World Government movement' and the education of the young people, Send many young men to the abroad.
In 1953, he travelled India, africa and Europe, and intrduced macrobiotic to the world.
In 1956, he moved to the Europe, where macrobiotic Institutes, macrobiotic food factory and restaurants were born. His books were translated into many languages and published.
His macrobiotic movement, miracurous healing of Body/Mind by Macrobiotic way, Wholistic view of Universal consiousness appealed to the People in Europe, and the name 'George Ohsawa' and 'Macrobiotic' became very popular amongs the people in the world.
He died in 1966 at the age of 74. And his wife, Lima Sakurayawa, lived untill 2000. she was 99 years old.
There are about 300 books from him, and many Institutes and movement groups in the world now.


Young Ohsawa in Paris.
On the photo, written as
'Autaum 1920, Krever, Paris'


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